The border fences of the plots must meet the following restrictions. Information extracted form the Teulada-Moraira Town Hall regulations. Click HERE to see the full documentation on the Town Hall website.

  • The fences or walls are to be made by means of hedges, painted or coated galvanized chain-link / wire fences in green or similar colour (except the fences next to roads), iron or steel fences, lattice or brickwork, with a maximum height of 2mtres. Uncoated or unpainted wire fences are not allowed.
  • All fences need to have a base made of dry stone, at least up to the highest level of the plot (if the road is at a lower level), with a maximum height of 1.5mtres.
  • If the whole wall is made of dry stone (to both sides), the maximum height is 1.5mtres.